Sign on ship "Dauntless"
The snow covered sign and bollards of HMS Dauntless.
HMNB Portsmouth received a heavy snowfall during the morning of 18th January 2013. It was business as usual for the ships and personnel of the Royal Navy.
Photographer: PO(Phot) Simmo Simpson
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The old year, 2017, got away from me. It was my first full year in a new and challenging job. This new year, 2018, I need to write; professionally, to publish; and personally, to chase the art and craft of writing. Words and music and ideas are my muse; procrastination is my torment.

I keep a virtual clippings file of ideas for inspiration, yet they did not move me to action.

Imaging an electron avalanche or book towns.

Reading the oft-quoted Bob Dylan, “A library is an arsenal of liberty.”

Philosophizing on the workplace – about Higher Ed, thank you, Steven Mintz:

In his Confessions, St. Augustine makes a point that well worth bearing in mind during this moment of academic transition and transformation. He declares that loss is an integral and inevitable part of the process of creating the future. Higher education is changing in fundamental ways and something will be lost as it evolves. But something will be gained that doesn’t yet exist. “Semper et deinceps” Augustine proclaims: Always forward, ever onward.

In the manner of needing something more, be it purpose, inspiration, or enlightenment, I will try to provide it to others. This brought me to action.

This idea was articulated eloquently by Akhil Sharma in a recent segment for PBS #IMHO:

Every time I have given help when I have felt I needed it myself, I have had the same sensation, sometimes quickly, sometimes in a little bit. But there is space around me, that I have more options than I think.

It is generosity which reminds us we’re more than our problems.


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