I picked up my pen

20170104_184340Oh, you know what I mean! I write this blog with my metaphorical pen.

And when my prayers to God were met with indifference
I picked up a pen, I wrote my own deliverance (Still obsessed! by Hamilton)

I offer regrets for not writing regularly. Since October 2016 I have been happily embroiled in old job – new job commotion. It’s been eight weeks now in a new job with lots of new technology and systems to master (oh, yes, that thing about teaching old dogs, oh, never mind, again.) I have new presenting and writing to ready for a new semester. I’m very lucky. But, I miss the time to write and reflect.

Applying for a new job in libraries, and now strategizing for the future of the new job and libraries in general, risk is a word that comes to mind. It is echoed by Lorcan Dempsey as depicted in this blog post from Dr. Kingsley, Libraries of the future, and Lorcan Dempsey’s ¬†slides Evolving Collection Directions.

If “workflow is the new content”, I am going to just do good work!


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