The value of “good work”

Photo Perseverance Trail Juneau Alaska

This is a landscape view form the Perseverance Trail outside of Juneau, Alaska. By Andrew E. Russell

I wish I was more eloquent. I want to exhort and inspire and rain down wisdom from the mountaintops that hard work is noble! Being engaged in your work and intellectually curious, and sharing that enthusiasm and knowledge with the world is a noble pursuit.

Luckily, I am not alone in this and others are more eloquent than I. Shanta R. Robinson penned an essay (I like the title!) Just Do Good Work. Dr. Robinson writes of the academic job search – the angst and the advice. Her adviser’s solution, just do good work.

But I think she meant more in this seemingly simple refrain. She pushed me to engage in a topic that interested me and one that could sustain my attention for years to come.

If you are worried about the “How I Made It Stories” that others tell, and thinking it will never happen for you; or fretting over your own work situation, don’t despair. Let us all take the advice and just do good work.




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