Passion and the library conference!

The most fun in life is to share experiences and passion! Yesterday I had a chance to twitter converse (is that a thing?) with #CILDC conference attendees about #HamiltonMusical. This was inspired by the presentation E103: Teaching Screenagers in the Land of Click, Slide, and Touchscreen by Joquetta Johnson.

How timely! I am preparing a presentation on digital scholarship and have been riffing (to myself) inspired by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the man, the genius who has brought us the Broadway musical Hamilton. I am inspired that the musical was generated by the book Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow. The musical soundtrack is a work of high art. The annotated lyrics are available with research notes. The social media brilliance of cast and crew is evident with #Ham4Ham videos. NOW they have an educational program!

(in progress…imagine the spellchecker going bonkers) Are you an age of #HamiltonMusical digital scholar? Do you drop knowledge? Can you connect artifact, manuscript, monograph, article, multimedia, and social media to spark creative revolution and revelation. Are you a computer-coded, digitized, mobilized information professional? Are your ideas footnoted, dissertated, essayed, prosed, conversated, posterated, blogviated and oral presentated? Do you tell truth to power through music, dance, arts or labs? Talk less, smile more. Do you have what it takes to be a #HamiltonMusical digital scholar?

Can we get back to the conference, please! Computers in Libraries 2016 Day 1 is from my desk. Library staffing is an issue these days. Lucky for us, this conference streamed the Day 1 keynote address by Dave Snowden. Excellent! Worth the watch! Innovation and the Knowledge Ecosystem by Dave Snowden, Founder and CSO, Cognitive Edge.

Thanks to Jill Hurst-Wahl for her useful notes from sessions I wish I attended. Digitization 101: CILDC : Advanced Twitter: Research Tips for Power Users and CILDC : Super Searcher Tools and Tips and CILDC : Advanced Twitter: Research Tips for Power Users. 

I will go back to 30 Mobile Apps in 40 Minutes by Gary Price.

Best find of the day:


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