Experiment like a mad scientist

I am…annoying…unattractive…anxious…sad…lonely…
( _____ fill in your adjective here!)

See Dr. Todd Kasdan’s exercise in this TEDx video to disassociate the thinker from the not-too-productive thought!

Dr. Todd Kashdan’s very excellent TEDx talk Becoming a Mad Scientist With Your Life reminds me to distance the thinker from the thought (easy exercise above!)

Dr.  Kashdan – happiness researcher and author of  Curious? Discover the Missing Ingredient to a Fulfilling Life posits that we should not be an expert in anything, because as soon as we become an expert we stop paying attention!

Focus on the beauty of complexity.

Pay attention to the moments – they are like Lego’s – the building blocks of life.

 [This post was edited after original post 3.23.2014]


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