Assembling Your Childhood or Lego’s Don’t Explode

Wolverine Lego character

Wolverine on my desk!

I am blessed, with joy and fun, to have two sons. This allowed me to buy Lego’s for every Christmas and birthday for years (and still does!) I looked forward to the Lego Movie, but found angst amidst my glee.

Oh, sons o’ mine, what kind of world am I leaving you? Everybody is so mad.

Twitter snarks about pink eye and scraggly beards; are we really so mean?

Can we recognize goodness anymore? What is real? Lego’s don’t explode!

I am channeling Liam Neeson’s Good – Cop Bad Cop from the Lego Movie. I am the good parent – bad parent. No wonder we are all confused. Growing up we told you do the right thing, take the hard classes, be a team player, finish those projects, follow the instructions.

Now, we we want you to be creative, follow your dream, be your own man, be your own Master Builder.

As reviewer Abbie Bernstein says, Holy Confusion, or Holy, Mixed Metaphors, Batman!

“THE LEGO MOVIE philosophically breaks apart due to unbalanced construction.”

Many reviewers wrote of the movie as a metaphor for life. The Lego Movie is:

“weirdly philosophical” John Serba

an educational metaphor Sam LeDeaux

Binding “The Lego Movie” together is a “Matrix”-like conceit that turns the whole thing into an allegory about the nature of creativity and the meaning of amusement. A.O. Scott

“the deeper message of thinking outside the instructions handed to you by life” Robert Ham

Which leads me to try to understand just what it is about the metaphors  we use to make sense of our lives.  Baseball metaphors speak to me.  I use library and librarian metaphors as often as I can.   Metaphor dictionaries are very fun to peruse.

Dictionary of Metaphorical Quotations

If Lego building is a metaphor for life, I will have to pick up the new book by Jennifer Senior, All Joy and No Fun: The Paradox of  Modern Parenthood and see in the index where she talks about Lego’s. I reject her premise.

Maybe Full of sly humor, The LEGO Movie is a must-watch for all LEGO fans – especially adults [Review] by The Brothers Brick -we should just be fans.

Fundamentally, The LEGO Movie is a movie for LEGO fans and about LEGO fans.

‘The LEGO Movie’ Is An Amazing Critique Of American Mass Culture Alyssa Rosenberg

In The LEGO Movie, when creativity is available to everyone, the things they create turn pleasure and joy into a kind of infinitely renewable resource.

Children – humans – are an infinitely renewable resource. I am a fan of Lego’s and of  my sons,  who continually add joy and fun to my life. We are all Liam Neeson, beware the abyss of no return and remember that sometimes the piece of resistance is really all about putting a cap on it!


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