“The substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.” Toby Ziegler West Wing Fourth season “Evidence of Things Not Seen”

This is my favorite definition of faith. In this very chaotic first week of the semester that has seen too many managing challenges and not enough reference questions – I search for meaning in this job. I need to have faith.

Kevin Brown of Lee University is helping me today. I need to have faith that I am doing good work in the lives of the people I work with, teach and help.

However, when I walk into a class full of students whose future I will probably never know, I do so with the faith that something I say or something one of them says will have an effect on at least one student. I believe that students listen to what we say, that they care what we say, that their lives will be better for having taken that class.  In the same way that the craftsmen never saw the finished cathedral, I have no proof of this, of course, but I believe it to be true.  Perhaps one day, someone will see that former student in the same way I saw Wells Cathedral and know that at least one person had the faith to do good work in that student’s life.

Go do good work!

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