Look for heroes @Libraries this April!

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Thank you! , Michael Edson – Director, Web and New Media Strategy with the Smithsonian Institution – for reminding me of something I read long ago and need to remember everyday. Our library users are heroes on their own epic journeys and we need to help them – like, can I be Samewise Gamgee to your Frodo Baggins? – help them!

I had the pleasure of hearing Michael Edson preach – Come, Let Us Go boldly Into the Present, My Brothers & Sisters – at CiL2012. In fact, he “saved” the conference for me. I can learn what I need, but I need to feel that what I learn and teach matters…call it big picture, call it inspiration, I know it when I experience it. And, sadly, not every keynote is worthy. But. Michael Edson lit a spark that still glows in me and for that I salute him.

As we celebrate April icons like baseball, poetry, and libraries, remember the everyday heroes we serve – let’s help them on their information quests!


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