Every now and then something will set of the synapses in my brain and things will begin to flow again. Thank you David Brooks – from The Good Order: Routine, Creativity and President Obama’s U.N. Speech Sept. 25, 2014
it was your words that had me laughing at my desk and itching to write about your statement “But life is paradoxical.”

Oh, my, yes it is!

I have had the beginnings of blogs posts written since June; some on #failure from #failedintellectual, the view from the mat, vacation, reading, baseball and starting over; just the normal themes in my life. The phrase “life is paradoxical” sum them all up.

Why do I find this so darn funny? Because we just never see it or say it out loud. This life doesn’t make sense. War, racism, death and disappointment make the news. In my little world, it’s the death of higher education, the woes of commuting, parents and children, and the never-ending search for meaning.

More from David Books:

“It requires toughness of mind and rigid discipline to properly serve your own work.”


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