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Thanks, Dr. Karen Plaut for the most memorable line from Day 1 of the Data Information Literacy Symposium. Her quote (see title!) is in reply to the question “Why do I care about data information literacy?” Dr. Plaut also mentioned that the vast majority of data – from sensors, from satellites,  from bioinformatics – is going unused. And, how many data files are lost on hard drives from  mis-naming and file iterations? Dr. Plaut wondered if this data will become the record of the human race in the future? We can’t even imagine the uses and re-uses that future historians and researchers may investigate using the data generated today.

I’m reading this tonight: New Roles for New Times: Transforming Liaison Roles in Research Libraries

I will spend time with this web site: Planning a Data Management Curriculum and Requirements for a Collaborative Repository

OK – I will need lots of time…see all DIL Links

Notes from Day 1

And I’ll sleep on the bigger questions in hopes that – collectively – we will find answers tomorrow at Day 2!


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