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CiL2013 Notes: Tuesday, April 9

This year, CiL seemed to really put the Computers (all things tech) back into this conference!

[NOTE: Just capturing information here; will write further notes]

IMPORTANT NOTE: Get back to this ASAP –  Nebraska Learns 2.0 – 66 Things!

[I choose sessions, not out of duty to my job, but from personal interest in my job!]

Keynote: Libraries as Community Revitalizers


New Trends in Content & Resource Sharing with Joe Murphy and Marshall Breeding

Joe Murphy slides here

Content change is a technological issue

Content formats

Content opportunities

Libraries are all about stories

 Technology areas?





Facebook Home

Wearable technologies

Impact = area


Traveling uphill…pressures, gravity, signs are not clear; Horizon is only partially visible

Confluence = wearable technologies and smart devices

What will impacts be of google glass?

Bracelet as a flash drive?

 Some tech areas are bridges not destinations

 See Google Field Trip information

Ongoing tech updates must be suffered! Embrace the suffering!

Stories end.

Forever-on gadgets

 Flipboard has found its stride

Is Facebook Home a content player?

 Phablets – smartphones and tablets

 Second screens experience



Wear your consumer hat


Marshall Breeding: Resource Sharing in Libraries

Consortial Resource Sharing – too many silos

Illinois Heartland Library Consortium – largest in US

Portland, Oregon ORBIS Academic library consortium

Denmark – all public libraries in the country

 Statewide or national infrastructure beginning to make sense

 2CUL – Columbia and Cornell; Shared technical services; Shared ILS


Gale Luncheon: Archives Unbound


UX & Accessibility Pecha Kucha

As much for the format; and then it wasn’t, oh well!

Oldham – Guelp


W3C Markup Validation

Fangs: Screen readers actually read aloud page; Firefox plugin; Shows script;  Web developer extension

 Universal design is the key – video supplemented by transcript not just closed captioning

 Age related conditions; Magnification; Stop scrolling; Suppressing pop up windows

 Repetitive stress injury; Keyboard equivalents for mouse-driven commands

 Learning and cognitive issues; Supplemental graphics; Multiple search options

 Fujitsu accessibility tools; Color inspector

 Reading effectiveness tools;  Project Cannect

NIH Usability tests

Older adults do not like images

Need single level navigation

“scrolling fatigue”

Pagination was a problem

Fonts in Responsive Design; George Mason

Raster vs Vector

Vector font doesn’t lose quality

 Using SVG in HTML5

 See George Mason menus

 First Friday – test 1 per month with 5 users


Other Session info:

Management Metrics That Work

Road Maps to the Latest in CI & KM on Linked In

Success Does Not Equal Value

Open Educational Resources and the Open Web


Wednesday, April 10: Followed from afar, thanks to tweets and streaming

Rasmus.pdf Uncertainty & Imagination: Evolving Libraries Through Technology

Inbound Marketing: Leading-Edge Tools

New Face of Reference; Liked this idea – Reference on Call

Academic Learning Models

And the very coolest thing I learned at CiL2013!

Game of Books



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