Cil2013 Day 1 or conference going!


KeyNote : More business; more iPhones being purchased than babies being born; subscription economy; clients; relationship management business; Amazon effect for libraries. Not inspiring.

I believe that Libraries are their own special entity. We are better served by visionaries like Michael Edson – see this blog detailing his session  from later in the day #CILDC Live Blogging: Michael Edson, Collaboration on A Large Scale.

See also:  Mobile Synergies. Shared mobile museum platform using Twitter’s API.


15 Web Trends for 2013 David Lee King

I’ve read his books but never heard him speak before. Insightful. Useful, to the point and this guy knows his stuff!

CyberTour: Evolving Spaces: Tips & Insights

WOW! Tell me stories…libraries can be place for sharing stories. Now this was inspiring. Why was it only 15 minutes?


Exposing the Information Landscape


Blekko, DuckDuckGo

Top Tips From Top Searchers (this session was  live blogged by Bill Drew.

See slides on News searches b y Marydee Ojala

See slides from Gary Price  [Best sight of the day:  WorldCat Live ]


Web Technologies and User Engagement


LibGuides: Embedding & Sustaining Strategies

UNC LibGuides: at  UNC Libraries home page

See: Coursepages

See: Subject Guides

My takeaway from this session: Kim Vassiliadis noted that from 1999 – 2011 Librarians at UNC had created 350 guides using HTML and assorted programming tools. When they made the move to LibGuides in 2012 they used a management plan. Each LibGuide had a defined purpose; consistent style; planned life cycle; and long term commitment. They analyze their LibGuides on a yearly basis from a yearly usage report and they have a mathematical formula for a workflow of how long each LibGuide may take to update. They have separate Courseguides which live only during the life of a course. They do have a library of material to use for quickly building a Courseguide.

This seems a systematic approach and works for them because they started it as they developed LibGuides. It may be harder for others to implement this (especially the consistent design principle) with a collection of LibGuides already created.


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