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This very busy Fall semester, I barely keep up reading my daily email alerts from ASEE First Bell, Inside Higher Ed, Wired Campus  and Scholarly Kitchen.  I become increasingly anxious every day as I scan the headlines – the death of higher ed; eBooks are the end of the book; MOOCs;  keeping up with gadgets; teaching digital millennials – and then skim the articles that I think have some resonance in my daily life as a multi-branch science librarian. My brain is truly a giant cloud of tags and nebulous half-formed ideas.

Luckily, I was rescued this morning by my RSS feeds. I had concentrated time to read and am a better person for reading from the important (to me) RSS feeds:

John Dupuis blogging at  Confesssions of a Science Librarian

From more than 10 years of reading Library blogs, I always check in with two school librarians that transcend their day jobs and continue to speak to information trends and educational management issues:

  • Doug Johnson at the Blue Skunk blog and yes, I do bring my own devices to work, it makes me more efficient as I travel between building to have my own technology – laptop and tablet – with me. (No, work did not pay for these, it took me three years to get efficient!) BYOD – to work
  • Joyce Valenza from the School Library Journal and NeverEnding Search blog reminded me to get back to this great online conference that I paid for and just haven’t had time to watch all the session – yet! Library 2.012 archive posted

YES! Someone has written about my nebulous ideas that have been niggling at me just beneath the surface of my consciousness:

For a little inspiration: Quoteflections…what is truth?…The search for truth is more precious than its possession.  ~ Albert Einstein

And, how about J.R.R. Tolkien on George R.R. Martin:

Friday Fun: J.R.R. Tolkien on George R.R. Martin, Posted by John Dupuis on August 24, 2012



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